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Welcome English Speakers

Body (psycho)therapy

Do you long for less stress and more ease in life? Would you like more clarity on the issues you are dealing with? Do you long for changing your life patterns, for finding more fulfillment, for healing old pain so you can be more present in the here-and-now?

Be very welcome for bodyoriented (psycho)therapy in Mijdrecht (near Utrecht/Amsterdam).

In my practice you are central, your feelings, your experiences, your longings in life. The goal is to be more free, to gain deeper understanding on yourself and to have new experiences.

It is very important to have a good match with your therapist and to feel safe, so be welcome to first explore how you feel with me before deciding to go on.

Possible goals for therapy

- Dealing with high sensitivity

- Gaining more confidence and trust

- Learning to listen to your body's wisdom (from the head to the body)

- Tackling feelings of negativity, fear and stress

- Changing deeply rooted patterns in interaction and with oneself

- Diminishing psychical complaints that are stress related

Core Energetics

I am trained in Core Energetics. Everything you feel has a relation to the body. In therapy the body is the entrance. We bring attention to the signals the body gives and we work from there. Is there any stress in your body, how does your body feel at the moment, are you relaxted or not so much etc? We start from there.

Bringing awareness to what you experience in the moment might bring some relief and clarity already. We can also work with movement, to feel more and to work through blockages. The goal is to get clarity, to get access to your life energy, to express what is needed to express so you can release tension. And you can feel who you are essentially, without armor.

Intake talk

In a free intake talk of half an hour we get to know one another. I will ask you for your longing. You can feel what it does to you to make a start. The goal is to find out whether we feel trust the both of us to start working together.

You can also decide to start working immediately and book a half an hour session after the intake talk.

What is a session like?

We always start with a check in: how do you feel, how was the week like? I will also ask you to check in with your feelings and your body at that moment.

From there we start. We can do some movement to ground more and to feel more.

Feeling safe is very important. If you don't feel safe in your life or in the session, that is the first thing to work on.

Besides that, there are many other possible topics to work on. For example:

  • Staying in touch with yourself

  • Feeling more confidence and self worth

  • The ability to surrender and let go of control

  • Gaining more trust

  • Learning to express your feelings

  • Growing in selfcare

  • Healing old wounds of loss or lack of love or protection.


We work on feeling all there is, and thus gaining clarity on what is true for you and what you need. We also work on having new experiences.

Possible gain

  • Feeling more

  • Feeling more in touch with oneself

  • Having more compassion

  • Feeling more confident

  • Gaining a broader picture

  • More energy to cope with life's challenges

  • Haeling old wounds

  • New doors open

Way of working

After the intake, when you decide to continue, it is best to go for five sessions. In the last session we will have an evaluation talk together. Then we speak about the process so far, what it brought to you, what changed in your life, how you experience our connection, what are your goals for the future etc. We decide together what is the best way to continue from there.

It is possible to have a few sessions and work on a specific topic. It is also possible to go for a longer process with weekly or biweekly sessions. I have experience with long and lifechanching processes and I have seen how much they have brough to people.

Core Energetics

Core Energetica is a therapeutic method based on the principle made by  Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung en Wilhelm Reich. De methode has been developed by psychiatrist John Pierrakos.

Core Energetica is getting more known in the Netherlands and worldwide. It is a way of bodyoriented (psycho)therapy.


If you are interested to know more about it, please have a look at:


One session of an hour costs 80 euro.

If you have a health insurance for the complementary field, you will get partly refunds. You can check here:


I can also refer you to colleagues in training, who work under my supervision. They work in the same working place. They ask a low fee. I only refer to colleagues in who I have full trust.

When and how

I work on most weekdays and also on Saturdays.

It is also possible to work online.

My background

- I studied Core Energetics at the Netherlands Institute of Core Energetics (

- I am trained in energy work and family constellations.

- Originally I studied Mathematics at University. I also studied Creative Therapy.

- I have had a practice since 15 years.

- I have worked at different working places in schools, and I am still working at the teacher training of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences for one day a week.

- I am the proud mother of two children (4 and 6 years old).

Personal expertise: being too open to the environment and to the feelings of others

Some people are more attuned to their surroundings than to themselves. This is a topic that I often see with clients in my practice. I have built expertise and awareness around this topic, and I hope to help you getting more safe and more present to be able to feel yourself more.

I am also specilialized in working with alone born twins (vanishing twin syndrome). You can find a thesis that I have written on this topic here:  vanishing twin syndrome


I am a supervisor of the professional training of the Netherlands Institute of Core Energetics (NICE). Please contact me for more information.

Working with teenagers

I am open to work with teenagers for individual sessions.


Couple therapy

Christiaan Bramer and me offer couple therapy. We work together, so there is support for the both of you. We use the method of Core Energetics. Also we feel inspired by the principles of Exceptional Marriage, founded by Brian Gleason and Marcia Gleason (

The principles are:​​

·        To remember that there is more to each other than we can ever fully know.

·        To allow our tender “child-like” places to have sufficient room to emerge and be held in compassion by our partner.

·        To embrace conflict and accept that our messy interactions can lead to deeper empathy.

·        To make it safe for each other by never losing sight of the other’s goodness.

·        To care for ourselves and each other.

·        To expect the unexpected.

·        To take responsibility for our part in unhealthy interactions.

·        To discover our sexuality anew as we continue to age.

·        To have the humility and courage to acknowledge how important the other is to us.

·        To encourage each other’s individuality even when to do so might make us insecure or inconvenience us


Starting couple therapy we first will have an intake talk with the both of you. You both share your longing and your experiences. The goal is to find out whether we have trust all four of us to proceed. If so, it is helpful to go for four sessions.

An intake talk (1.5 hour) costs 150 euro. A session of 1.5 hour costs 180 euro.

It is a possibility to choose only one therapist to reduce costs, but better not, we would say.


Below you find pictures of the working space and environment. You also see a picture of my colleague Christiaan Bramer. His company is called Brainspire (

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